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Tonic Herbs with Miles Coleman pt 2

Have you ever felt like your body was "off", like something was just not quite working right. Maybe it is your ability to think properly, or maybe your energy levels. These are typically signs of disharmony within the body, and is your body's way of telling you that it needs help. In comes tonic herbs. These are herbs that help to bring your body back to harmony. In this episode of the Summit For Wellness Podcast, we sit down with Miles Coleman to discuss how to approach disease from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach. Miles has so much knowledge to share that we couldn't fit all this into 1 episode! This week we build together an intro into tonic herbs, and discuss how tonic herbs interact with the body. Next week we will dive deeper into specific tonic herbs. Please enjoy this episode of Tonic Herbs with Miles Coleman pt 2!


2:48 - Hsin Fa School
4:52 - Tongue Diagnosis
5:32 - Roadmap of the tongue
7:10 - Tongue diagnosis can give more information than clients give
9:21 - Recap of Tonic Herbs with Miles Coleman pt 1
12:35 - Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
15:00 - What is more common, Deficient Yin or Deficient Yang
17:56 - Yin tonic herbs and formulas
18:40 - Rehmannia for Yin Deficiencies
19:48 - Western digestive abilities
21:21 - Westerners ability to digest Rehmannia
24:08 - Asparagus Root for Yin Tonics
26:38 - Yang tonic herbs and formulas
27:23 - What is menopause considered in TCM
28:25 - Aconite helps to spark the kidneys
28:55 - Kidney Yang can rule bones, so specific herbs can help with bone damage and degradation
29:19 - Herbs that are used in Hit Medicine (Trauma Medicine)

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Website: www.blackbeltherbs.com

Facebook: Hsin Fa School , Black Belt Herbs , Ling Qi

American Herbalist Guild: www.americanherbalistsguild.com/

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